Designasylum was founded in 2017 by Damla Akın Yalçın. Our design team – which is formed by Interior Architecture and Environmental Design graduates of Bilkent University – aims to find original concepts with the combination of art and design in interior architecture projects, create functional and comfortable spaces with an unusual sense of aesthetics. “Asylum” keeps both crazy and edgy ideas under its roof as its name recalls and aims to bring a new horizon to design!

Interior design and decoration;  is concerned with the transformation of a particular space. The existing structure may be an ancient or historical structure, or it may be the interior of a new building. It is a complex process to integrate existing structure analysis, inspection and new functions into the existing structure within this understanding. Decoration is the interior decoration to create a spatial atmosphere into the existing architecture. It deals with surface texture, appearance, furniture, lighting and materials. Interior architecture, manipulation of spatial volumes is an interdisciplinary field dealing with the placement of particular items and furniture and surfaces. Structural intervention in interior design is either minimal or minimal. Interior architecture concerns the re-projecting of existing structures, spatial and structural interventions. It is a field that deals with complex structural, environmental and service issues, and relates to architecture and interior design. Graphic design is a creative process involving organizing text and images in a perceptible and visible plane, two-dimensional or three-dimensional, to convey a message, develop an image, or visualize a thought.

DESIGNASYLUM is an interdisciplinary project consisting of a team of awardees and a member of the TMMOB Interior Architects Chamber, where these disciplines work together and Bilkent University, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design graduates come together to gain market experience as well as academic studies in different branches of design and art. design studio.

Founder: Damla Yalçın – Interior Designer

She graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design with a degree in 2015. Turkey is one of the reputable companies in Ersa and Mesa to  gain market experience. In 2015 he received the first prize in the design competition organized by the Chamber of Interior Architects. In the year she graduated, she completed the product design from Niko Koronis and the light design education from Filippo Protosani in NABA, the famous Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. After returning to Turkey at Hacettepe University Institute of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Program, she is entitled to enter the graduate program and completed the Visual Merchandising and Display education given by Sarah Manning at London Collage of Fashion in England and Visual Merchandising education given by Pınar Salman  at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in İstanbul. Her area of expertise is in Indoor Graphics and Visual Merchandising.


  • Komagene Cafe Elvankent ANKARA 2016
  • Akın Villa FETHİYE 2017
  • Güvengir Villa ANKARA 2017
  • Koru Villa ANKARA 2018
  • Espanol Estrella ANKARA 2018
  • Nesa Life ANKARA 2018
  • Cafe Sabor Emaar Avm İSTANBUL 2019
  • Keçe İnadı Atölye ANKARA 2019
  • Metel Ladin Villaları ANKARA 2020
  • Ecoterm ANKARA 2020
  • Arpero Concept Showroom ŞIRNAK 2021
  • Dr. Çetindağ Villa ANKARA 2021
  • Waar Life ŞIRNAK 2021
  • Yenimahalle 5. Noterliği ANKARA 2021
  • O. Sabuncu Ofis ANKARA 2021